Flowers of Sulphur 5kg

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Flowers of Sulphur: a bright yellow powder obtained from natural deposits of the mineral and distilling it.

Homeopathy: A remedy for : Skin disorders : Dermatitis; eczema; psoriasis; dry, flaky, itchy skin or scalp. It is used for killing bacteria on the skin.
Arthritis: In many arthritis preparations.

Dogs: Brilliant for all skin rashes, mange, flea allergies. Appears to keep fleas away.

Horses: . A small amount used daily can help with itchy skin conditions and also when mixed with udder cream helps in mudfever conditions and mite infestations. It is Antiseptic & antifungal. It kills Lice. It is good for Sweet Itch.

Dust flower bulbs to prevent rot and fungal diseases.
Fine grade sulphur powder for rapid soil pH correction.


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