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The NEW name in heat recovery with over 100,000 installations!

Previously known as THERMA-STOR, the SMART-HEAT heat recovery unit is the environmentally friendly answer to soaring energy prices.

FREE hot water from your WASTE heat!

Every refrigerant system generates heat, normally this energy is wasted by venting it off to the atmosphere. SMART-HEAT collects this heat and uses it to generate hot water. This will not only save you money but also conserves valuable natural resources.

How does SMART-HEAT work?

The refrigerant leaves the compressor as a hot gas. It flows into the Thermo-plate lining of the SMART-HEAT where the energy is transferred to the water in the inner vessel thereby producing hot water. The gas/condensate leaves the SMART-HEAT to complete the condensation process in the condensor. Since the refrigerant entering the condensor has lost energy, there is less work required by this unit.

Money saving
• Uses heat normally wasted by the refrigeration circuit
• Extends the working life span of the compressor and reduces
energy and servicing costs

• Range of vessel sizes from 200 to 1200 litres
• Up to six condensing units can be connected to a single SMART-HEAT
• Easy to fi t into existing systems

Long life, maintenance free
• Corrosion and scale resistant Duplex steel
• Very strong yet light and thus easy to install
• No sacrifi cial anode
• Scratch resistant outer cladding
• No pumps or moving parts

Highly efficient
• Built-in heat exchanger; THERMOPLATE technology
• 50mm thick CFC-free foam insulation for low heat loss
• Up to 6 bar operating pressure

Standard equipment
• Thermometer, screw-in
• Temperature and pressure relief valve (80ºC/10 bar)
• Bosses to accomodate optional items as detailed overleaf

Optional extras
• Immersion heater with thermostat
• Silencer/muffl er
• Coil for indirect heat supply
• Secondary coil for alternative heat source e.g. solar panel


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